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    Какое счастье , что есть такие не равнодушные люди на земле,Девушка приезжала кормить уличного пса, но однажды его внешний вид напугал ее...
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    Хочу напомнить, что пудель - уже не собака, но ещё не человек...:)))Милота и пушистость в тройном масштабе!
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    :)  Благодарю.!!!!!!! Как отважные кошки подружились с носорогами

Объявлен победитель фотоконкурса Bird Photographer Of The Year

В Великобритании при поддержке Фонда орнитологии ежегодно проводится международное соревнование фотографов в категории "птицы". В этом году победителем стал Алехандро Прьето Рохас со своим снимком фламинго. В нашей подборке представлены лучшие фотографии конкурса.

Чайка в лондонском Гайд-парке. Фотограф Том Хайнс

Terrifying new perspective: British photographer Tom Hines, from Harrow, Middlesex, took this extremely close-up shot of a lesser black-backed Gull in London's Hyde Park

Фламинго кормит птенца. Снято в Рио-Лагартос, Мексика.

Фотограф - Алехандро Прьето Рохас

The winning submission: Photographer Alejandro Prieto Rojas won the top spot with this image of a famingo feeding its chick. It was taken at Rio Lagartos, Mexico. He will receive a £5,000 cash prize at an award ceremony. Mr Rojas took the photo during the annual feeding of the chicks. They are born with grey and white feathers and do not turn pink for a year or two

Завтрак большой белой цапли (фотограф Шэрил Шнайдер).

Bird Photographer of the Year book with foreword by Chris Packham 21st August embargo

Спящая утка при лунном свете (фотограф Джорджина Стейтлер)

Чайки, которых загоняют на кольцевание, и неожиданный гость перед фотокамерой. Снято в Эйлсбери (Бакингемшир), фотограф Габор Капус

Dark and stormy: This picture of Pitsea landfill was submitted to the category 'Birds in Flight' and was given an honourable mention. Photographer Gabor kapus, from Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, said: 'We were ringing gulls at Pitsea landfill using cannon nets to catch the birds, the camera was on the ground just at the front of the net. I was trying to capture the moment when the net is fired and is still in the air above the camera. As we were waiting to fire the net this fox walked right at the front of the camera scaring all birds into the air -but at least I took this great image'

Птенцы папуанского пингвина. Снято в Антарктике, фотограф Ричард Сайди

Adorable: This shot of two Gentoo penguin chicks was taken by Richard Sidey, from New Zealand, in Antarctica

Галка, усевшаяся на голову оленя. Снято в лондонском Ричмонд-парке. Фотограф Том Хайнс

Balancing act: British photographer Tom Hines snapped this shot of a Western Jackdaw daintily perched atop a red deer in London's Richmond Park. The birds regularly groom the larger animal for ticks and other insects

Утка (большой крохаль) с выводком птенцов. Фотограф Джонатан Гонт

Catching a lift: Jonathan Gaunt from Kelso snapped this picture of a female goosander with her newly hatched brood

Неожиданный ракурс красного кардинала. Снято в Биверкрике, Огайо. Фотограф Гэри Кук

Astonishing: A female Cardinal contortio was captured on camera by photographer Gary Cook in Beavercreek, Ohio

Стервятник за обедом. Снято в Национальном заповеднике Маасай Мара в Кении. Фотограф Али Аль-шамси

Haunting: This bloodied feeding vulture was captured by Ali Alshamsi, from Doha, Qatar. He took the picture on the Maasai Mara National Reserve, an area of preserved savannah wilderness in southwestern Kenya

Птенцы серого гуся. Фотограф Ксаба Токоли

Kindergarden: Photographer Csaba Tokoly from Budapest, Hungary, captured this shot of Greylag goslings swimming

Битва большой белой цапли и зеленой змеи. Снято на болотах Эверглейдс во Флориде. Фотограф Хосе Гарсия

The battle: This shot is by Jose Garcia from Miami, Florida. He said: 'This Great White Heron fighting a green snake in the Florida Everglades. The fight lasted for nearly 20 minutes with the Heron having to release its prey'

Полет сипухи. Фотограф Рой Роммер

Floral flight: Barn Owl hovering by Roy Rimmer of Wigan, Lancashire. POTY helps raise funds for the BTO, so far having raised over £5,500 from entry fees alone. The money has been used to help support the BTO's young birders programme, aimed at engaging a younger generation of naturalists and ornithologists

Африканские марабу в роли мусорщиков. Снято в Танзании, фотограф Дэниэл Розенгрен

Scavengers: Marabou Storks were photographed by Daniel Rosengren,frmo Sweden. He said: 'Marabou Storks are scavengers, but they are not that good at ripping big pieces of meat off a carcass. Instead, they rely on other scavengers like hyenas or vultures to do that, so they can take the easy pickings from the ground. This photo was taken by placing the camera with a wide angle lens near the zebra carcass and trigger it with a remote from a distance.' The photo was taken in Tanzania